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Welcome to the website of

We are a horde guild on the Quel'Thalas EU server.

We are a PvP-Driven Guild with a social Aspect. We do all sorts of pvp-based Events such as, BGs, Rated BGs, Arenas and pvp Raids. In the near future we will Sort out a Tournament Roster aswell. Our Goal is to be a Fun Social PvP-guild and at the same time we try to aim high in the ranks and ratings with our personal growing skill and teamplay. This all with the use of Ventrillo. We also occasionally do some pve raiding and fun, however our members our not forced to stay unsaved for Raids. We are also helpfull towards our members and try to help everyone out, this ofcourse with the patience and grace of both sides.

respect our rules and members and you will have loads of fun. The officer team is highly experienced in the game aswell as in leading the guild so you can always turn to either one of em to ask any questions.

Keys for our guild: Fun, Friendly, Laugh, Progression RBG.

If you want to know more about our guild ask on forum or just ask one of the officers ingame.

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RBG tactics from skillcapped

Xuru, Mar 16, 12 2:14 PM.
Ciryo has sorted out a lot of vids for us on skillcapped. The summery is in his post under RBGs and then the post RBG tactics from skillcapped. Please watch and read it all.

Cryptic 2.0 RBG runs and set up

Zoniun, Mar 4, 12 2:33 PM.
Cryptic 2.0
We are a PVP guild with different types of people in our lovely guild. We have people that like to spam random battlegrounds, we have people that like to do arena's, we have people that like to join Rated Battlegrounds every now and then, we have people that like to do Rated Battlegrounds a lot, and we have people that like to play together with friends. We primaraly focus on RBGs.
At this moment, what is happening in our guild is that some people are losing interest in doing Rated Battlegrounds, and some that have to sit out on the Rated Battlegrounds more then they want too.  Not good for either so this is what we are gonna do about it:

We are gonna stick to our Sign up System for the Rated Battlegrounds, and we are gonna make a Set Group to do Rated Battlegrounds.

Sign up RBGs: this will stay open for the whole guild and all the officers are gonna make sure that there will be someone to lead this. Please note tho, that doing a Rated isn't like Raiding. One leader can't take care of everyting so you must be able to talk over Ventrilo.

Set Group: the name says it, its a Set Group so the this group are gonna do Rated Battlegrounds together. For now this group consist of: Arediel, Acario, Aion (Pegaz), Bloodycow, 
Curia, Drizth, Lucrezea (Styx), Nazcah, Neclord, Notdeadyet, Senses, Suga and Xuru

The Set Group in the formation it is now is based on friendship.Tthe people in it are in Cryptic for quete a while now and most of them played together for a long time now as well. We believe that when playing with friends and stick with the same group altho the people in that group might not be the best at their toon yet, will fight well. We aim for 14/15 people in it so we are still working on it. We want to make clear that when the group is full it is full no matter what. The basis of the team is fighting together. However once someone in the group can't fight with the group anymore and there is an open spot, everyone in the guild can apply for that spot. When this is the case we also look at stuff like how long you are with us, and how you behave towards other guildies.

We hold 2 RBGs for the whole guild every week on Thursday and Sunday. Those  will be simultaniously run at the time the group is doing RBGs so the once that aren't in the group for that moment will help out in the Sign up RBGs. The Set Group will run an extra RBG evening at Tuesdays.
To become better and better we will hold up a Trainingsevent on Wednesdays, with tactics, simulations, stuff like that.

 Wed Thurs     Fri     Sat     Sun     Mon     Tues    
 Tactics for whole guild RBGs Sign up      -  -  RBGs Sign up  PVE every now and then -
   Set Group RBGs  -  -  Set Group RBGs    Set Group RBG's

If any of you has any questions, please reply and we will answere it for you.

Bloodline Champions!

Nivadi, Feb 25, 12 9:26 AM.
This is something that us PvPers might be interested in!

Bloodline Champions!

Bloodline Champions' is a free-to-play online player vs. player arena game where players engage in short, intense battles of up to ten players divided into two teams. Each player must take control over one of several different bloodlines, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. Easy to learn, challenging to master - 'Bloodline Champions' is just as much fun for the casual player as it is for the hardcore gamer.

I have been checking out this game recently and it is very fun to play, it has an easy interface and you are a couple of clicks away from your arena matches.
You can choose out of quite some different characters which each have their role speciality.
I have created a CLAN which is basicly a Guild, ofcourse Called Cryptic!!
So it would be fun if people are interested and they wanna dip in this game aswell we kinda have a Cryptic guild with the same people as in WoW in Bloodline Champions aswell.
My account name is TheBloodyCow

Here is the LINK of the official website
Also Check the video below of totalbiscuit's glance on the game to get an impression on this Bloodied arena game:)

S10 Extended

Zoniun, Nov 14, 11 5:07 AM.
S10 is extended until november 29th!

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